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How to remove ubuntu from windows

Ubutnu is one of the finest OS and easy to install in windows. But it is not so easy if you have a rethink and wanted to remove. You may be required your windows installation package or CD for reinstalling your windows for removing Ubuntu. You may even lose your data! So what to do? Here I am giving you one of the safe and easy step to remove Ubuntu from your system.

While installing Ubuntu, windows’ native boot loader is overwritten with GRUB, which is the boot loader for Ubuntu. So if you delete the disk partition of Ubutnu, you will not be boot your system. So DON’T DELETE PARTITION blindly. Follow the below steps.

Go to google and search for EasyBCD, or you can download this software from here. It is an utility to create a boot loader, MBR(Master Boot Record), for windows. You can see a button in it to install windows 7/ windows vista boot loader. There is an option available for windows XP too. Select your windows version( XP/ 7/ Vista) and press on write MBR. Now windows boot loader is rebuilt! Not finished! Ubuntu is still there in your system. Now you can delete this partition as you have created Windows boot loader. Open Run and type diskmgmt.msc , which will open Disk Management window. You can see your disk partition here. Select the windows partition and right click on it. Then select delete volume. You can see an alert showing “this partition is not created by windows……”. Press OK. Now Ubuntu partition is deleted and that part is showing as free space. Right click on the partition left to that free space and select extend volume. Press next and finally finish it. You need not change any option or select anything. Now, restart your system and see your windows alone loading!!

Sometimes while you create your MBR using easybcd, there is a chance to lose your product id. Hence you need to activate it again. If you have the product id with you, enter it. Otherwise no worries. I will be explaining how to by-pass your windows activation without a product key.

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