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Idea Blade and ICS ROM!

Android’s Ice Cream Sand witch (4.0) is a very smooth mobile OS. Its aesthetically pleasing interface has attracted many of the users. Though the official version is available for a few devices, there are unofficial versions available from various forums and communities like Cyanogenmod.

I have found two stable ROMs for ZTE Blade in a forum. I tried it in my Idea Blade and it was awesome experience. It was very smoother and faster than the gingerbread. It has option to enable to GPU acceleration making the device work faster. ICS’s new dialpad and UI is very interesting and pleasing too.

ICS roms need atleast 180MB system partition to install. It is possible to install it in Idea Blade since it has 220MB. Well, these custom ROMs are built from Cyanogenmod 9 and are experimental. Having said that, it do have issues. I faced keyboard lag in my Idea Blade. Also application crashes occurred. Still if you want to try and experience how ICS work is, you may try from below links. I found Tilal’s version is more stable with me. I just placing the forum address below so that you choose independently.

I have tested another ROM AOKP(Android Open Source Kang Project) based CM9 Remix 6.6.9. It is the most stable ICS ROM for Idea Blade. Since the phone has only 256MB RAM, it is advised to creat Swap partition of another 256MB using ROM Manager or through recovery menu. You can download this rom from here.

See my previous posts for instructions on how to flash a ROM.


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Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC2

After a while, Cyanogenmod RC 7.2 RC2 has been released. It was said that 7.2 stable release will be released soon. However it is noticed that, a subsequent release candidate is released for ZTE Blade and implies there may be a delay for stable version for this device. Whatsoever, with this release they assure many bug fixes and though a release candidate, it can be used like a stable version.

I am yet to check out the feature of this device though it was released on May 9. Meanwhile I was testing CM9, yeah the Ice Cream Sandwich version in my Idea Blade. Unfortunately it is not working after reboot and my SD card got corrupted. The interesting thing is many service personals yet to learn how to root an Android Device and I had to find out the actual issue from Googling and fix it by myself!

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Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC1: Worth Trying

Cyanogenmod has released a release candidate for its latest ROM based on GIngerbread 2.3.7, Cyanogenmod 7.2. This is the final release in 7.x series and is coming with some couple of back ported features and fixes from 4.0, Ice Cream Sand witch. This particular version supports 20 new devices and in a total of 70! No official confirmation on date of final release. I had tested this ROM in my Idea Blade and found very interesting.

Comparing with the previous version, 7.1, this version has improved a lot. A notable change is predictive text dialer. Now you can directly search for a contact from dialer by simply pressing the numbers. This is indeed a good thing. Next, it supports installation in SD cards. Yes, previous version also supported this feature, then what is the new thing? It is, now you can install any application, I said any, to the SD card by default. That is interesting, no!

ADW is the pre-installed launcher in it. With some tweaks you can make it more faster. I prefer not to install any other launchers unless you are using a high memory device. This version has cyanogenmod’s propitiatory features such s theme support, DSP equalizer, and CPU overclocking etc. Unlock screen options are updated. Now you can completely disable the unlock screen or change its style. Also, you can move the notification bar to the bottom of the screen. This option is available in the tablet tweaks.

One major issue reported with this RC is that, it eats battery like anything. Battery is draining fastly and also some of the applications are crashing. After reviewing the overall performance, I PRESUME 7.2 will be a good alternative.

How to free ROM in Idea Blade

Idea blade is coming with a ROM of 256 MB and user space will be nearly 60 MB. Once you start installing applications or updating it free memory will be decreased. Here are some useful ideas to free up your ROM.

Many pre-installed applications get updates via Google Play. Once you update these applications it is not ORIGINALLY updating the app but installing a newer version which in turn eat your internal memory. That is why when yo reset your system, your applications are able to return to original version.

There is an application called Apps2Rom is available to download. It helps to check if your device has duplicated applications. i.e., original application in ROM and its updated version. Your phone should be rooted to use this application. Once you open this app, you can see the list of applications in it. If any application is duplicated, (this can be identified by looking into the dot near the application. If you see two green dots near any application it means it is duplicated) you can replace your old version with latest one. By doing is you are uninstalling factory installed application and installing a fresher version. Further updates to this version will not create any duplicates.

Also, if your phone is rooted, you can try uninstalling your factory installed applications such as games, facebook,twitter,youtube,opera mini etc. This can save a lot of space. Many applications such as Root Uninstall and Root uninstaller etc, are available in Google Play for download. Try these.

These techniques are not limited to Idea Blade and can be tried in all supported Android devices.

How to root Idea Blade (ZTE Blade)

Idea blade is  customized version of  ZTE blade.Though ZTE blade supports Cyanogenmod Idea blade do not supports changing ROM. Idea blade has only 256 mb of ROM. Even clockworkmod cannot root this phone.

Here is a method to root Idea Blade. Install Z4root and it facilitates rooting of this device. This software supports both permanent and temperory rooting. Install this software and permanently root your phone. Once rooting s done with, system will reboot.

Additionally you can remove the preinstalled softwares from this device. Install Root Uninstaller from Android market. You can remove the unwanted or not frequently using softwares and games etc. It is recommended to remove the preinstalled launcher and replace it with Launched Pro for better performance.

Ubuntu- An Introduction

Ubuntu, is an ancient African word for “humanity to others”. Ubuntu is an open source operating system. What is an “open source” means? Unlike Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac, Ubuntu’s cource code is open for the users. They have the option to customize it and to make any changes without any restricitons or limitations. Moreover, it is available for free of cost!

Ubuntu started its journey from an October morning in 2004. A new computer experience was introduced to the world by the release of  Ubuntu’s debute version 4.10, code named as ‘Warty Warthog’. Ubutntu is maintained by Caronical with many other volunteers who are trying for an open source evolution.

First verison of Ubuntu was based on GNOME. Later they have release a version Kubuntu, based on KDE desktop environment. All the versions of Ubuntu maintains a similarity in a way or other. In every six months Ubuntu will be releasing a new version, which makes people keep updated with latest technologies. Ubuntu assures a virus free, suprefast computing. With the release of its current stable version “Lucid Lynx”, Ubuntu could decrese its booting time. A 2 GB RAM computer can boot in a minumum time of 5 seconds which even Windows 7 can’t offer. Same is the case for shutting down. You can shut down your PC in less than 4 seconds! Can any other OS offer this much speed?

In addition to suprefast computing, Ubundtu offers more than 10000 apps for absolutely free of cost. You can download a variety of apps from Ubuntu software store. All these make people attracted to Ubuntu. However, a major drawback still users face is that many ,applets are coming in packages which can perplex a beginner. But whatsoever, with the upcoming release in October, Ubuntu is expected to increaes its users.

You can download Ubuntu from their official website

ReadyBoost- Speed up your system using USB

ReadyBoost is introduced by Windows. Its main aim is to speed up Windows by means of using USB drives. It helps a system when it run or low memory. Using ReadyBoost capable flash drives allows Windows for cashing to service random disk reads with more performance provided by a typical hard drive. I dont want to explain more complex functions in background which may not be easy to digest. In a short, a ReadyBoost means a USB drive which is used for increasing the performance of Windows. Note, only Windows, not Ubuntu or Mac!

ReadyBoost Image

Before setting up a ReadyBoost, we can check the features and importance of a ReadyBoost device. According to Microsoft, a ReadyBoost device store cache data in 2:1 ratio. That is if Windows is storing 2 GB cache data in your USB drive, it is worth contain a data of nearly 4GB! One of the main ideas behind ReadyBoost is flsh drives has a very fast seeker time while comparing with hard drives. If you are using a laptop or notebook ReadyBoost can help you in two ways. Performance and Energy management. A typical laptop flash drive is of 4200-5400 RPMs. Allowing USB drives to cache, flash drive access can be reduced. Since this helps to spin down drive, battery power can be conserved.

ReadyBoost works with Windows 7 and Vista. Windows 7 allows to use upto 7 USB drives as ReadyBoost and to a maximum of 256GB in total. Now we can see how to setup a ReadyBoost device. A USB falsh device of minimum capacity 256 MB(250MB after formatting) and a maximum of 256GB can be used for this. However, if you are unsure of the capacity, no worries! Windows can help you in deciding whether your device is compatible.

Plug in your USB drive to your system. If you have an Autoplay you may see a dialogue box with an option to “Speed up my system”.


If you are not getting any messages, go to My computer. You can see your plugged device listed under “Devices with removable storage”. Right click on it and open properties. Select the tab “ReadyBoost” if available. Otherwise, your device is not supporting ReadyBoost.

If you are planning to use this drive for speeding up alone, you can select “Dedicate this device” option. Also, you can see the amount of memory Windows recommends to use. Select any of these option and press OK. At any time if you want to free up your USB from being used as ReadyBoost , you can chnage the option to “Do not use this device”

You can experience the performance of ReadyBoost while using using resource hungry utilities such as Photoshop.

Please note, do not remove USB drive without stopping the device. Otherwise it can either damage the system or USB drive.