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Ubuntu is an open source operating system based on linux.It is one of the most powerful OS which even compete with the giants like Microsoft Windows. It is truly an alternative to Windows. The most important feature is that it is available absolutely free of cost!! And provide more hundreds of thousands of software for free of cost.

If you haven’t used Ubuntu yet, go to www.ubuntu.com and download the latest version. Or you can signup for a free Ubuntu CD, which will be sent via snail mail to your home.That too for free cost. What you have to do is just fill the forms. Click here.

Ubuntu gives an option to feel Ubuntu without installing to your computer. Insert the Ubuntu CD in drive and restart the system. Ubuntu will boot from the CD drive and you can check the features with some limited but in a good way.

If you are using a netbook or notebook, Ubuntu has released a remix version with some addons. It will help you to navigate fastly powerfully in your small screen device.This version is available for download from Ubuntu home page.

Ubuntu gives periodical updates related to various applications. Also, in every 18 months new version will be released.

You may feel some difficulty when you use Ubuntu for the first time. But once you got familiar with it, you will not try to a go back to Windows.

Tech Areena recommends Ubuntu