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Fedora or Ubuntu

For a long time since I started using Ubuntu, over a past two years, I have been heard of Fedora as well but never thought of installing it on my msi U100 netbook. I had installed Ubuntu 11.10 and was not much impressive like 10.10 or 11.04. I sent off my Ubuntu from mard disk and installed Fedora 16. Installation was not much complicated and more or less same as Ubuntu. First impression was good, no the best. It’s user interface was pretty interesting. No maximize and minimize buttons, no show desktop button.

Overall, it looked good. My feelings over fedora changed when observed it doesn’t have cleartype fonts. It’s window is oversized comparing with my netbook’s 10″ screen. While changing system font to small size font becomes ugly. Same is the thing with browser. Firefox fonts are also looking bad! The moment I admired Ubuntu’s font and UI. No second thought. I erased my hard disk and installed Ubuntu 11.10.

Major changes noticed in 11.10 are use of GNOME 3.x shell. Unity is pretty impressive while comparing with GNOME. GNOME 3 in Fedora is looking better but Unity in Ubuntu is much user friendly and impressing. Online accounts is added to user button on upeer panel, but still I dont understand where it applies to. No application found using the log in information in Online Accounts.

Another bad thing as far is me is considered is the increase in boot and shut down time. My netbook used to shut down in less than 5 seconds in earlier versions whereas now it takes more than 15 seconds. However, overall performance is good. Following changed I made after installing Ubuntu 11.10.

Installed Ubuntu restricted extras. This plug in is required to play music and video files, which comes aroud 100 MB in size. Another thing I installed is, yes VLC. It is must lightweight multi format player. Of course even if you don’t have any other plug ins installed, VLC alone can play almost every music and video files.

Ubuntu’s software centre is very user friedly while comparing with the equivalent application in Fedora. I must admit Ubuntu is the best OS for netbooks.


Screen flickering issue in MSI Wind Notebook/ Netbook

MSI notebooks using Ubuntu is facing screen flickering issue for some minutes adter log in. I have tried many things to fix it. But seems the issue unresolved. But it is observed that when a flickering issue occurs, if you click on the right side of the taskbar, where your user name shows and clicking on it will pop up shutdown/ log off like options. If you clcik there and leave the pull down menu there for some seconds, you can see flickering stops. Try it. I hope this will fix it.

I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid beta version. It is noticed that screen flickering issue is not present in this version.