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Ubuntu- An Introduction

Ubuntu, is an ancient African word for “humanity to others”. Ubuntu is an open source operating system. What is an “open source” means? Unlike Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac, Ubuntu’s cource code is open for the users. They have the option to customize it and to make any changes without any restricitons or limitations. Moreover, it is available for free of cost!

Ubuntu started its journey from an October morning in 2004. A new computer experience was introduced to the world by the release of  Ubuntu’s debute version 4.10, code named as ‘Warty Warthog’. Ubutntu is maintained by Caronical with many other volunteers who are trying for an open source evolution.

First verison of Ubuntu was based on GNOME. Later they have release a version Kubuntu, based on KDE desktop environment. All the versions of Ubuntu maintains a similarity in a way or other. In every six months Ubuntu will be releasing a new version, which makes people keep updated with latest technologies. Ubuntu assures a virus free, suprefast computing. With the release of its current stable version “Lucid Lynx”, Ubuntu could decrese its booting time. A 2 GB RAM computer can boot in a minumum time of 5 seconds which even Windows 7 can’t offer. Same is the case for shutting down. You can shut down your PC in less than 4 seconds! Can any other OS offer this much speed?

In addition to suprefast computing, Ubundtu offers more than 10000 apps for absolutely free of cost. You can download a variety of apps from Ubuntu software store. All these make people attracted to Ubuntu. However, a major drawback still users face is that many ,applets are coming in packages which can perplex a beginner. But whatsoever, with the upcoming release in October, Ubuntu is expected to increaes its users.

You can download Ubuntu from their official website