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Change your netbook remix to normal Ubuntu

I was bit annoyed in using Ubuntu netbook remix as I got a feel that I am not able to view my beautiful desktop well. I wanted a clean desktop without any icons( Definitely remix version navigation is so easy), but I didn’t wanted to reinstall the normal version.I opened the system monitor utility and killed the process netbook launcher. It worked graet. All the shortcuts in the desktop vanished. I thought uninstalling this netbook launcher will do th job. So i opened synaptic package manager and searched for the word netbook. I could see some packages are installed for netbook remix. I removed those packages and went to system log in screen option and changed the default log in to GNOME and restarted the system. Astonishing. Me got the original Ubuntu without any re-installation or downloading.

I shall brief the points how-to

1. Open synaptic package manager
2. Search for the keyword netbook
3. Sort the installed applications in the order of installation( You can do it by clicking on
the S filed)
4. Right click on the installed packages and mark for uninstallation.
5. Then click on apply button on the tool bar.
6. After uninstalling all the packages related to netbok, close synaptic
7. Go to system menu and select Login option.
8. Select GNOME as default log in.
9. Restart the system.
10.Start enjoying the real ubuntu.

Please letus know for any assistance