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Best Internet Browser

It is a hard tsk to judge which is the best browser in current market. If this question was raised before an year, we had two options. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Situations changed with the launching of  internet giant Google’s Chrome. Though it has to struggle in its intial days, it showed a big hike in its popularity graph. Whatsover, this can be said to lighted on the fight for best browser. Mozilla introduced many features and it reaches with the latest feature Sync, which enables to sync your bookbarks and preferences. This feature soon enabled in Chrome as well. Apple’s safari and Opera also tried to improve their perfomance by tweking.

All these time, Microsoft was standing like a lazy child which made a big fall in their Internet Explore’s graph. At last they realised they can’t compete any more without a change. They came with much awaited IE9 beta, with hardware acceleration and support for HTML 5. Though Mozilla and Google were started support for HTML 5, they didn’ t care much about hardware acceleration. (Though th word is pretty good in hearing it was not so in performance. ) No sooner IE 9 released, Mozilla came with Hardware acceleration. Google is yet to add this. But the most interesting fact is that, users have to off this hardware acceleration for smooth browsing.

So, I was just breifing about the past trends in browser market.  So out of these 5 browsers, viz. Firefox, IE9, Chrome, Safari and Opera, which is the best browser? We can blindly exclude Opera and Safari from this list right away. So left three, IE9 has candy look and more browsing area. But since it is in beta, you may have to use in compatibility mode. Also, this is not satisfactory as expected. Now left Firefox and Chrome. I dont want to say the drawbacks of Firefox, since I was a firefox fan for long time. Even in office I was using Firefox! 🙂

So i suggest or elect or nominate, whatever it is, Chrome as the best browser for a nominal user. How? I’ll explain the features briefly. Once of its best feature is that, it has address autocomplete. Yes, I agree, the same feature is with Opera, Safari and in IE9 with google search. But, if you do a thourough check, you can see Chrome has a powerful feature that it offers most perfect result. See the below figure.(Click to enlarge) Can you check with your browser if you are getting a result like this?

Another feature is that Sync. Chrome’s syc is so powerful that it even sync the extention to a synced browser. Also you can sync your themes too. Google Chrome’s latest release 7 is very powerful that it loads pages very fast, less time for opening browser, and many more. I personally suggest Google Chrome unless you are using any sites exclusively built for IE.