Idea Blade and ICS ROM!

Android’s Ice Cream Sand witch (4.0) is a very smooth mobile OS. Its aesthetically pleasing interface has attracted many of the users. Though the official version is available for a few devices, there are unofficial versions available from various forums and communities like Cyanogenmod.

I have found two stable ROMs for ZTE Blade in a forum. I tried it in my Idea Blade and it was awesome experience. It was very smoother and faster than the gingerbread. It has option to enable to GPU acceleration making the device work faster. ICS’s new dialpad and UI is very interesting and pleasing too.

ICS roms need atleast 180MB system partition to install. It is possible to install it in Idea Blade since it has 220MB. Well, these custom ROMs are built from Cyanogenmod 9 and are experimental. Having said that, it do have issues. I faced keyboard lag in my Idea Blade. Also application crashes occurred. Still if you want to try and experience how ICS work is, you may try from below links. I found Tilal’s version is more stable with me. I just placing the forum address below so that you choose independently.

I have tested another ROM AOKP(Android Open Source Kang Project) based CM9 Remix 6.6.9. It is the most stable ICS ROM for Idea Blade. Since the phone has only 256MB RAM, it is advised to creat Swap partition of another 256MB using ROM Manager or through recovery menu. You can download this rom from here.

See my previous posts for instructions on how to flash a ROM.


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7 thoughts on “Idea Blade and ICS ROM!

  1. this ics rom runs very smooth on idea blade . but i am not able to install google apps library on it, when i tried to install it my ics crashes . plz help

  2. vivek pls tell me i have installed cm9 on idea blade everything is fine but the problem is my phone takes a very long time approx 15 to 20 min on cyanogenmod 9 animation and then it starts and also some reduced in speed in operating mobile…cm7.2 works fine everything except blutooth problem. Is that problem regarding ram because after installing gapps that animation never ends pls help me because i am totally confused what should i do..

    • Basically, ICS rom for blade is in beta stage only and is not recommended for daily use. I could not see any ICS ROM other than AOKP 6.x working fine in Idea Blade. You’d better switch back to CM 7.2. However it will not take that much time for booting. You can try disabling the option in Performance tweaks.

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