10 Must have applications in Android Phones

Android is so popular because it is highly customizable. Google Play, previously known as Android Market, is an ocean where you can find millions of applications choose from. However it would be perplexing which of these to be installed and not. Of course, it depends on what is your actual requirement. It is recommended not to install any application unless you use it frequently and you really NEED it.

Here I am introducing some applications that are really useful. This is for general use. In my next blog I’ll be introducing some system utilities for advanced users.

  1. Adobe Reader: Likewise in your PC, adobe reader is required to read PDF files. You can also view the PDF attachments in your e-mail using this app.
  2. Docs to Go: This applet let you read office documents in your android device. You can read popular formats such as doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx etc. Attachments in the e-mails can also be viewed in this application. It has two versions, free and premium. In free version you have only view options whereas premium allows to edit the documents and Google Docs collaboration.
  3. Nimbuzz: is a social messenger utility. You can add Gtalk, Yahoo!, Hotmail, ICQ etc to this messenger.
  4. NGPAY: ( This application is only for the users in India).This is not a mandatory application unless you have a valid bank account and have some money in it.  With this application you can purchase books, camera, train – bus -air tickets, flowers etc. Moreover you can recharge your mobiles too. Axis Bank, SBI &  HDFC banks officially support this application.
  5. Just Dial: ( This application is only for the users in India) JD is a popular local search engine where you can find out nearby hotels, hospitals, ATMs, movies, restaurants, etc. It is highly useful while in travel.
  6. Newshunt: ( This application is only for the users in India) Newshunt is a newspaper reader application. You can read all Indian news papers in their native languages. Also you can share the news to facebook and twitter.
  7. Real Player: This application is highly recommended if you are interested in streaming videos and looking around to download it. Real Player for android is capable of streaming a video, download it and do both together.
  8. Saavan: It is a popular music streaming applet. You can listen to Indian music online. This application is working fine even in GPRS/EDGE networks.
  9. Opera Next Browser: Opera is a popular web browser. Opera Next is a beta version browser but powerful. It is recommended over the native browsers.
  10. Touchpal Keyborad: This is an optional one. However it is very useful as it has many cool features such as sliding input. Though your phone has sliding input, this one is really impressive.

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