Upgrading Idea Blade from Froyo to Gingerbread

Idea Blade is a customized version of popular android device ZTE Blade. This phone is being sold in many countries under various names. In India, Dell and Idea are selling this handsets under the name Dell XCD35 and Idea Blade respectively. Though these are primarily from ZTE, it differs in hardware. Dell XCD35 is the original ZTE device shipped from Europe with 512MB intenal memory whereas Idea Blade is a Chines make with only 256 MB internal memory. However this device shows a wonderful performance while comparing with its competetors.

As you know Android is an open sourse software platform, anyone can make changes in it. However Android phones do not handover the root licence to the customers. Rooting is the privilege to access the system files. Since these files are vulnerable to attacks, typically rooting is not allowed by default by Android phone vendors. There are various softwares avaiable in Android Market, now known as Google Play, for gaining root access in android devices for free of cost and as paid versions. However rooting voids the manufacture warrenty!

There are many customized ROMs are available and it can be replaced by the stock ROM. Being a demanded android device, ZTE Blade is in the supported device list of the most popular ROM, Cyanogenmod.Though Idea Blade is upgradable to Android 2.3, no official packages are available yet. However still you can try two customized ROMs, Swedish Snow RLS6 and Moldovan-Mile-High-Mountain-Pie-RLS9. The first mentioned one is latest one and is recommended coz the other have an issue with camera.Cyanogenmod 7.1 is tested Idea Blade and it is found working well. After a clean installation without any add on packages such as google apps, there will be a free memory if 130 MB. Swedish Snow is pretty good and once it  is installed there will be a free memory of minimum 115MB.

Here is the step by step guide to upgrade Idea Blade from Froyo (2.2) to Gingerbread(2.3). Again, this is an unofficial release and rooting process will void your manufacture gurantee. Also, try these at your own risk!

1. First of all, download the  package  file from here and copy it to the SD Card. Then the device must be rooted. Download Z4root and install it in the phone. Copy the installation file into the SD card and open it using filer or any file explorers. Make sure to enable Unknown sources in Settings > Applications in order to install the package. Also enable USB debugging in deveopement page. (Note: This whole process will wipe the entire data in the phone. You should take back up of your contacts and whatever data you need).

2. Once it is installed you need to root the device by selecting permanent root. You may be asked to give super user privilege and allow it. Once rooting is completed, system will reboot automatically.

3. Download another software ROM Manager from Android market and install it. This program also should have super user privilege.

4. It is highly recommended to take a backup of your current ROM so that at any point, you can restore your stock ROM(Original ROM). You should have sufficient memory in SD card to take a back up (aroudn 300-500MB). Meanwhile you may be asked to install and addtional package clockworkmod recovery. Click on yes and it will be automatically installed. No worries!

5. Once back up is complete, click on the reboot into recovery button in ROM manager. Phone will reboot into recovery mode. (You can manually do it by shutting down the phone, restart it and press power button and volume key while booting. )

6. Now the real play begins. You need to click on wipe data/factory reset option. You can use volume keys to navigate and Home key to select. Click on this option and you will reach confirmation page. Select Yes and it will wipe all user data in some moments. (Remember, with this process whatever there in the phone will be lost.)

7. Now return to the main screen and you need to wipe cache and dalvik cache as well. Once these two are done with come to the main screen.

8. Now choose install from Zip in SD card. This will open the SD card file and you need to select the zip file and then click on home button. Installation will finish in some minutes. Stay cool!

9. Once installation complete message is shown, click on reboot now. First boot will take time upto 10 – 15 minutes. Once everything is set, you will see the home screen.

10. Additional packages and advanced knowledge can be obtained from the developer page.

Installation Procedure for Cyanogenmod

  1. First of all you need to install Z4root and root your Idea Blade. Run a permanent root and restart your device. Now install ROM Manager from market. Though ROM Manager has a rooting option, it is not capable of rooting Idea Blade and Z4root is recommended.
  2. In ROM Manager, take a back up of your current ROM. You will be asked for installing clockworkmod recovery, press OK to continue. Once clockworkmod recovery is installed, try back up. Phone will be rebooted once back up  process is completed.
  3. Open the ROM Manager again and click on Download ROM and under Free category you can see various free to use custom ROMs. Click on Cyanogenmod and it will show a list of ava ilable updates. Install the latest stable version(unless you want to view the latest features in a developer preview). You will be asked for opting additional packages. Google Apps is recommended.
  4. Once download is done with, it will show Pre-ROM installation options. Choose to empty cache and dalvik cache.
  5. System will boot into recovery and start installing the Cyanogenmod into your Idea device.
  6. Once installation is finished wait for first Cyanogenmod loading. It will take some minutes and your Idea is ready with Cyanogenmod

In Cynogenmod, camera will not work. You need to run a patch to fix this. Search the cyanogenmod forums for the patches.


96 thoughts on “Upgrading Idea Blade from Froyo to Gingerbread

  1. Thanks for the guide. It was easy when i used Rom Manager Premium. But do you know how to manage and delete extra home screens? also how do i confirm that this is a valid ginger bread apart from checking in settings… Hope this is not fake.

    • Yeah, you can certainly install other add ons. One of the recommeded add on is ZTE dialer. You can see this ZIP file in Modoco forums. Copy this zip file into your memory card and reboot into recovery and from there install from zip card.

  2. After Pre-ROM installation options My Phone is rebooting however its not restarting in recovery mode its stuck at start up screen what should i do???

  3. You need to ensue if you have done the correct procedures. In a brief, following steps should be done. Copy the ROM zip file to SD card. Open the ROM Manager and try to backup your current ROM. This time, you will be asked to install clockworkmod recovery. Once it is finished, take a backup of current ROM. Now you can install Cyanogenmod from Download ROM options. Otherwise you can install the downloaded ROM file in SD card.

    Now for rebooting into recovery, you can either go from ROM Manager, or by holding down power button and volume key for some time. This should work fine even if your phone does not have a ROM.

    Please post what all steps you did,.

  4. Well cm7.1 is better or the swedish snow? I had problems playing games on SS. Have you tried games on CM7.1? how does it perform? How is over all performance and look. Also do you know if we can free some extra ram. I feel internal memory and internal storage are different.

    • I feel Swedish Snow is better. CNN 7.1 has camera issues and sometimes it goes unresponsive while reboot. SS is working fine with Idea Blade.
      Now for freeing internal RAM, you can use Root uninstaller. With this you can remove pre-installed applications. But be cautious while doing such things. Never attempt removing anything you are not sure of. If you are not using Google maps, you can save about 10 MB.

  5. Did you try games on SS. Do they work fine? because i tried playing lane splitter and it got stuck and at times it did not load even… But appearance and interface was excellent… anly idea how to get games running smoothly on SS. i have reverted back to stock rom as of now. CM7.2 RC share more on your experience with that.

    • I have tried angry birds in Swedish Snow and it is working fine. I could not see any issues in gaming. Issue you faced would be of hardware. Some games requires more hardware resources. CM 7.2 is working fine and the major change I found with 7.1 is you can move most of the apps to SD card including maps.

  6. I use link2sd for moving majority of apps to sd card. And system apps which can not be moved can be uninstalled…LOL you can uninstall maps and reinstall it to sd card from market?
    What about PC Suite.

  7. Please help me i have idea 3g blade and its does not go recovery mode in any means, can u tell me exactly do i hav to do to enter in recovery mode. I hav seen so many forums but in vain !!! pleeze help me….i simply get stuck in the droid logo thats it !!!

  8. Vivek Bro, I have the same Issue with my friend’s ZTE Idea Blade, I rooted succesfully with Z4Root(I know this was a success as i got Super User as an app), then granted ROM manager Permission, then downloaded CM 7.1.0 from http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable&device=blade now I put that in SD card making a folder for it, then i went in ROM manager and installed CLOCKWORK Mod, with its latest version, Something like that…then when i tried installing it, I got stuck at “REBOOTING” , the green Android symbol with white background….I am stuck there…left it for almost one hour with several tries….What should I do??

    • I am not sure why this happens. But in a brief procedure is rooting your phone, take a backup of your stock ROM using ROM Manager and download the package and save it in card. No need to install it now. Then reboot your system. While booting, press down volume and power buttons together. After some seconds, you will be reaching Recovery mod. You can see the options there. Use back button to go back and Home button to select./

      • I just discovered how unlucky we idea blade users are, wish I had bought a del xcd 35, due to our 256 MB ram we can never have ICS. Cyanogen mod 9 (cold fusion x), I just tried it, is damn smooth, but due to ram, even the launcher gets crashed, forget about browsing the internet. 512 MB RAM users said that nearly 180 MB ram is free after a fresh boot, for me its 5 MB 😦 IF anybody is successful in finding any other ICS Tom plz inform me… Have good day 🙂

    • hey this was a problem to me also….a few days ago i acccidentally discovered that the button for going into recovery mode is by holding VOL UP+HOME+POWER ….hold all this together until u go in to recovery mode ….im sure this helps and i installed stable mod cyanogen 7.2 on idea blade and without no issue…!

  9. when i try to play lane splitter game on idea blade it gose foece closed i am not able play this gmae in any rom like ss.mmhmp or cm7.1 and 7.2…
    what should i do ?

  10. sir,,,,,i am having problem……in rom manager ….after rooting my idea zte blade with z4root nd when i open rom manager nd install clockworkmod after installing it is showing that AN ERROR OCCUR WHILE ATTEMPTING TO RUN PRIVILEGED COMMAND……………….plzz……help me …..i want to update my phone

  11. Awesome! Tried a lot of walkthroughs, but this happens to be very informative and the easiest of the lot! Thanks a ton! Shall surely recommend my friends to check this page.

  12. hey vivek im using idea blade and i need to root …i tried downloading z4root but the download fails …pls recommend any other software that helps me in root and also tell me clearly about what is cyanogenmod and how to take a backup of my originial rom to sd card and how to back it up…..

      • eventhough i rooted my device using z4root ,i installed root uninstaller but if i grant the root access it is showing an error like root grant access fail..please suggest a remedy

  13. hey vivek,
    i have a beckup of my stock rom on my computer and i have copied it into my mem card and tring to restore via clockworkmod recovery bt it shows message that no update packege found what should i have to do now ?

  14. hey guys, i didnt do any backup of my stock rom(2.2 froyo) when i installed a custom rom on my idea zte blade. If any1 hav this idea rom, can u please upload it ? Mine is a new phone and i dont want to take any risk. My e-mail id is rocketakhil@yahoo.in

  15. bro i have a prob i upgrade my idea blade form 2.2 to 2.3 but now i cant install cm7.1 on it when i install it will freeze in startup …..what can i do

      • hey vivek , every one is facing the same problem that they get stuck up at the green logo and it is not booting into recovery mode even by pressing the vol – and power button together and even through fast boot ……im tired of searching in all the sites but no soln is found……. please find a soln for ma idea blade to go into recovery mode….. thx in advance

  16. what ROMs work flawlessly on the idea blade? i.e., without any hardware issues such as camera, bluetooth, wifi etc. not working.
    and does swedish snow rls7 offer the option to set up proxy in wifi settings? this is really important for me.

  17. how come our idea blade is not going into recovery mode and yours goes that blade really su###me dude im really messed wen i hold the volume down and power button together it is stuck up at the green logo …..if u find a solution for this pleasereply and advanced thx

  18. Hi,
    I recently bought Idea Blade which is a chinese blade distributed by Idea and called Idea Blade. I saw that some other people have been able to use CWM successfully on this device but it looks like there is some difference in the device received by me and hence unable to use CWM on my device.
    I have tried numerous versions of the recoveries on CWM and all have the same problem including latest ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0.

    I have been able to capture the log and presenting it for your reference.

    Starting recovery on Tue May 15 07:41:49 2012
    framebuffer: fd 4 (480 x 800)
    ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.0
    recovery filesystem table
    0 /tmp ramdisk (null) (null)
    1 /boot mtd boot (null)
    2 /cache yaffs2 cache (null)
    3 /data yaffs2 userdata (null)
    4 /misc mtd misc (null)
    5 /recovery mtd recovery (null)
    6 /sdcard vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /dev/block/mmcblk0
    7 /system yaffs2 system (null)
    8 /sd-ext ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (null)

    I:Completed outputting fstab.
    I:Processing arguments.
    E:Can’t find misc
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E:Can’t find misc
    I:Checking arguments.
    Command: “/sbin/recovery”

    Whenever I try to use any option, it shows me-
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t find misc
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”

    When I tried to backup-
    SD Card space free: 6135MB
    Backing up boot image…
    error scanning partitionsError while backing up boot image!E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    E:Can’t find misc
    E:failed to find “cache” partition to mount at “/cache”
    W:Can’t unlink /cache/recovery/command

    My device is surely rooted as I have been able to uninstall stock bloatwares by Idea. Also, superuser asks for my permissions whenever a new application is requesting root access. I have tried flashing recovery using fastboot too but with exactly the same result.

    Some of the strange observations are:
    1. When I try to cat /proc/mtd
    dev: size erasesize name
    It returns blank table.
    When I try to do the same from normal boot, it shows me following correctly-
    cat /proc/mtd
    dev: size erasesize name
    mtd0: 00500000 00020000 “recovery”
    mtd1: 00500000 00020000 “boot”
    mtd2: 00180000 00020000 “splash”
    mtd3: 00080000 00020000 “misc”
    mtd4: 02580000 00020000 “cache”
    mtd5: 0dc00000 00020000 “system”
    mtd6: 0a280000 00020000 “userdata”
    mtd7: 01500000 00020000 “oem”
    mtd8: 00180000 00020000 “persist”
    mtd9: 00f00000 00020000 “fota”

    Does that mean, I won’t be able to use CWM?
    Also tried Amon’s RA recovery with exactly same results.
    Does that mean, ZTE has blocked something to cause this fate?

    Your valuable comments and reply are eagerly awaited so that I can get started with custom ROMs on my device.

  19. and here wat i did wid my Idea ZTE Blade .. i did all the process n successfully formated my handset wid fastboot but forgot to update it wid new .img ..also installed SwedishSnow but the problem is before i did these steps i deleted my default launcher as i was using GoLauncher now wen i reboot my handset it stuck on home screen and i can only able to see the TaskBar wid battery and time symbols and nothing else .. and now when i am trying to format all wid FastBoot its not working .. and now nothing seems working..will u please tell me a way to format it all by any means as i already tried all wipe things after i get into ClockWorkMod.. but nothing working now .. and getting an error of “unable to mount /cache” and few more similar like this ..

  20. I tried upgrading ZTE Blade from 2.2 to Gingerbread , but handset is booting to zte logo and then getting restarted again and again , not even coming to android green logo, tried bringing this to recovery mode/ftm mode but even coming into recovery mode can some one help :urgent pls

  21. I tried upgrading ZTE Blade from 2.2 to Gingerbread , but handset is booting to zte logo and then getting restarted again and again , not even coming to android green logo, tried bringing this to recovery mode/ftm mode but even not coming into recovery mode can some one help :urgent pls

  22. guys for idea blade the option for going into recovery mode is by pressing vol up +home+power …hold all these buttons until u go into recovery mode this should work …..hope this was helpful to a lot

  23. helloo vivek
    can i do this with dell xcd 35 (gen-1) device.
    is that upgradable to android 2.3 or Cyanogenmod.

  24. I install cyanogenmod 7.2.0 on my ZTE blade android 2.2. It will be install completely through rom manager. But after freebooters I lost many app like map,market,YouTube,Gmail. So please help me and tell me how do i bring back the missing apps in my current virsion.

  25. in recovery mode when i choose wipe/factory reset option….. it loads and then in few seconds it become failed………. can u plzz tell me recovery mode process …..

  26. when i choose any option in recovery mode … it process……..
    E:failed to find “cache” partition
    to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/
    E:failed to find “cache” partition
    to mount at “/cache”
    E:Can’t mount /cache/recovery/
    E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/
    E:Can’t find misc
    E:failed to find “cache” partition
    to mount at “/cache”
    what can i do … help plz

  27. I have tried to install ROM ( CyanogenMod 10.1) on Dell XCD35, however after updating the ROM, the phone rebooted and see only Cyanogenmod wheel running and phone is not going further. I am not able to do any thing.

    Can anybody help me to get phone back in working condition.

  28. I want increase internal memory in idea zte blade. so that how are producer? idea zte blade is 2.2.2version ,256ram and 512rom.

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