How to root Idea Blade (ZTE Blade)

Idea blade is  customized version of  ZTE blade.Though ZTE blade supports Cyanogenmod Idea blade do not supports changing ROM. Idea blade has only 256 mb of ROM. Even clockworkmod cannot root this phone.

Here is a method to root Idea Blade. Install Z4root and it facilitates rooting of this device. This software supports both permanent and temperory rooting. Install this software and permanently root your phone. Once rooting s done with, system will reboot.

Additionally you can remove the preinstalled softwares from this device. Install Root Uninstaller from Android market. You can remove the unwanted or not frequently using softwares and games etc. It is recommended to remove the preinstalled launcher and replace it with Launched Pro for better performance.


8 thoughts on “How to root Idea Blade (ZTE Blade)

  1. Dear Vivek,
    Idea Blade supports custom roms, I have tried a few and they are working wonderfully, presently i am using Cyanogenmod on my Idea Blade and everything is working just perfect. It saves a lot of memory too and it truly gives a nice performance. Please edit your post here as many people might get misguided.

    • Anees, thanks for the review. I have tried this Swedish Snow and found there was about 115 MB free space after installation out of 166 MB. Moreover it is found that this is working very perfectly. I will check out Cyanogenmod and if it is working nice, I’ll add it to this.

  2. hey guys i own idea blade 2 months old , please give me step wise installation procedure for custom rom on my idea please send me on my mail gmail/upeshpatel80 ,adjust email in proper form. thanks in advance friend please help me.

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