How to save YouTube videos in Ubuntu

Saving YouTube video is not so easy as watching it. Whenever I searched in internet for the solutions for saving this videos, I could see lot of complex methods like copying video link and paste it another software and then convert it. All those were found complex and irritating. My search for saving YouTube videos revealed me a wonderful fact. While playing a YouTube video, a flash temperory file is being generated and the same will be disappearing by the end of playback. If this file is saved somewhere else, we can use it later!

Here it goes. Open your home folder. Now select File System from the places window. You can see so many system folders. Locate the folder tmp and open it. You can see some temperory files in that folder. Now, open your browser and navigate to YouTube site. Play a video that you want to save. Once the video starts play, come back to the temp folder. You can see a file with name starting with FLASH. 
This is the file you are playing in YouTube! Just wait for the song/movie which you play in YouTube to end. Once it stops, copy the flash file to a folder other than tmp. You do not have to rename the file if you dont wish to do so! Just double click on the file and it will start playing in Totem movie player. This is what you wanted to do. Right? So what are you waiting for? Watch as you like, save if you like it! 
You can play the same file in Windows as well. While using Windows, just add and extention .flv to the file name. This file can be played in Real player, GNOM player or VLC Player. If you are not renaming the file, you may not be able to play by double clicking it. ( I am talking about Windows now, Ubuntu users can ignore this!). You may right click on the file and select open with. Select application Real Player or Gnom player and this will start play. 
I have posted another method to save YouTube videos for Windows users. You can find it below. Please let me know if you are facing any issues.


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