How to download Youtube videos easily

There are many softwares are available to download YouTube videos. Some are trial versions with limited features. Some may have limitations for number of downloads too. Here I am introducing you one of the easy way to download YouTube videos. What you have to do is install Real player SP. This software is packed with a video downloader plug in for web browsers. Once you install this real player SP, you will get an option on YouTube video while you hover your mouse over it. You do not need to get the video URL to download! Simply place your mouse over the video you playing and click on download this video. That’s it.  You can download the song or video in flv format. If you wish you can even convert this videos for your mobile devices or even in wmv format. Interesting thing is that you are getting this features for free. 
Real player download link:
Caution: Close your browser while installing Real Player. Otherwise plug in will not be installed in browser. This plug in is compatible in IE, Mozilla and Chrome. 
Please let me know for any assistance. 

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